The Consequences of Overlooking Regular Dental Exams

Visiting the dentist every six months to have him or her probe into the mouth and check if everything is in order may seem like a chore for many. This is specifically the case with individuals that are particular about their oral health. You could be brushing, flossing, and following every advice the dentist provides you and may believe that six months is too early for the dentist to have a look at your mouth for an exam and a cleaning.

Everyone is aware that two dental visits must be scheduled every year to maintain good oral health. However, the actual number that follows the rule is down to the bare minimum. Under the circumstances, how can dentists assume more than the bare minimum and maintaining proper oral hygiene? The assumption would be justified that if maximum numbers are avoiding dental checkups and exams they would also be part of the crowd most likely to develop dental problems. Would dentist’s be wrong in assuming this way? Let us look at why dentists are justified in their belief.

Overlooking regular dental exams has certain consequences that people should be aware about. This article is listing some of the consequences to make people aware of why they should be sticking to the schedule provided by the dentist. Let us look at some of the consequences which people are risking their mouths to:

Risk of Developing Cavities

Your dentist is qualified to merely look at your teeth and determine whether you are doing a good job when brushing or flossing. When they take dental x-rays during the exam they can also determine whether you are in the process of developing any cavities even before any symptoms are being exhibited.

When you avoid dental exams you are allowing more bacteria to accumulate in your mouth simply because you are not receiving professional dental care. This is an invitation for the bacteria to begin enjoying themselves and create cavities in your teeth. What’s even worse is the fact that you will know that you are developing a cavity until the symptoms make themselves visible to you. Why risk the problem of cavities and other dental treatments when you can simply visit the dentist is scheduled and prevent the problem altogether. It can save you from plenty of trouble.


When you avoid professional dental care it leads to an increase in the bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria spread themselves from your teeth to the gums and tongue and work very hard to emit a foul breath.

When you attend the six-monthly dental exams you will be receiving a thorough evaluation of your mouth. Dental exams also contain in-depth cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar buildup that cannot be removed during personal oral hygiene.

The professional cleanings cannot be compared to the brushing and flossing regimen you follow at home. The cleanings are conducted by professionals who will ensure your mouth is clear of any muck that may have accumulated.

Discoloration of the Teeth

Tooth discoloration is a common problem that is faced by everyone from oral bacteria, staining foods, and habits like smoking and chewing tobacco. These habits can erode the enamel which can only be noticed by your dentist during the cleaning. Your teeth will begin to appear clean and white in just a couple of sittings with the dentist who will be looking forward to keeping the enamel layer cleaner than before. Tooth discoloration of the excessive variety can be resolved with professional teeth whitening treatments.

Tooth Loss

The lack of dental care can lead to tooth loss in severe cases. The reason for this is simply because people that don’t understand the need to visit the dentist regularly probably don’t care about the risks of not caring for their teeth. These are the people that often suffer from oral hygiene problems with the belief that they are doing a good job. Not having a professional dentist to advise them properly is also hampering their mindset.

Losing teeth should not be a big issue as dental implants and other restorations are easily available from the dentist in Livingston, TX. However, these are expensive options that are better avoided if possible and chosen only when they are inevitable.

Additional Dental Costs in the Future

Avoiding dental exams is not just worsen the dental health of the individual but also the financial health. People would have no way of understanding whether they have gum disease or not unless they visit the dentist near them for an evaluation. Gum disease simply indicates they are not taking proper care of their oral hygiene putting themselves in the bracket of people that have different assumptions.

People that are not following proper oral hygiene habits as well as avoiding six-monthly dental exams are suggested to visit B&G family dentistry for an evaluation because it will help them to understand the kind of serious problems that can affect their mouths if they avoid dental exams regularly for any reason.

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