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Endodontics refers to root canal therapy. Root canals are a way to treat an infected or inflamed tooth nerves. If the nerve of the tooth is damaged it can cause serious pain and infection. Tooth abscesses can become life threatening if left untreated.

Root canals allow the dentist to remove the pain and infection and save the tooth. At B&G Family Dentistry we are able to provide root canals that will keep you and your family infection and pain free.

What Will We Do?

During the procedure, our doctors at B&G Family Dentistry, will remove the diseased nerve and infection while leaving the healthy parts of the tooth and root intact. We then disinfect the root to ensure that the bacteria was removed. We place an inert material that helps to prevent future re-infection and helps to replace the diseased tooth that was removed.

Will It Hurt?

At B&G Family Dentistry, we work hard to ensure that no matter what treatment, the patient is comfortable and secure. We are able to provide excellent local anesthesia and sedation to make sure that your visit with us will be as comfortable as possible.

What Happens After?

After the pain and infection is treated it is important to protect the tooth from further infection and breakage. A crown or cap is often needed to help seal the tooth and protect it from breaking.

A Family Oriented Dentistry With A Lot Of Know How

If you or a member of your family is dealing with a dental problem that may involve the root or nerve of their tooth, please contact B&G Family Dentistry in Livingston, Texas today.

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