Is It Possible for Dentures to Fit Properly?

If you’ve had back luck with getting your dentures to fit, you may become a bit discouraged and lose hope of ever getting a pair to fit onto your gums. Not having a proper set of teeth can lead to lower confidence, self-esteem, and even the avoidance of social gatherings. This can lead to isolation, which is why B&G Family Dentistry aims to give patients dentures that are made to give you a beautiful smile and renewed confidence.

Dentures Need Periodic Replacement

Due to the changes that the body goes through over time, your dentures won’t fit perfectly forever. Factors that influence their fit include weight gain, weight loss, and changes in the bones. These can cause appliances to become less stable, and they may loosen. You should plan on replacing your false teeth at least every five years.

Relines Offer a Temporary Solution

Relining false teeth changes how the palatal liner of the denture fits and can be a good solution when your teeth are unstable. There are two different ways they can be relined – hard relines and soft relines.

A hard reline takes anywhere from 24-48 hours to complete and involves replacing the hardliner using updated impressions. Soft relines involve replacing the rubbery and soft material that’s inside dentures and can be done immediately.

Using Denture Adhesives Is Not Ideal

Many of the adhesives for dentures contain zinc, which can potentially lead to health problems with long-term use. It can also cause a bad taste in the mouth and change how foods taste. Occasional use is fine, and if you’re using it often, you should visit your dentist.

Implant-Retained Dentures Add Confidence

Dental implants can be used as an alternative to dentures. Even if you have lost bone, there are still options available for implants to be placed. Using anywhere from 3-6 implants, you can lock your dentures in place and avoid dealing with shifting teeth or movement of dentures.

If you’re considering alternatives to dentures due to having bad experiences, contact our dental office for more information about your options for replacing teeth.

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